Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tips to Make More Money Today

Do you need to make more money? Who doesn’t, right? Most people are looking for ways to increase their income and you are probably no different. Instead of thinking of ways to find another job in order to make money, why not try to find ways to make more money with the job you already have?

You may have a comfortable job and when you find a job you enjoy, then you probably don’t want to think about switching jobs. You get used to the work and the people around you. You hope that you will be next in line with a good promotion. But what happens when the promotion doesn’t come? What happens when you add a member to your young family and you need more money to support the family? You don’t always need to find a new job, instead you will want to find ways to make more money. How do you do that?

There are certainly wonderful ways that you can try to make more money at work. Here are some suggestions:

See What You Are Worth:
One of the very first things you will want to do is to see what you are worth. You can simply look on the web and see what others that have similar jobs are making. Maybe you are already making what you are worth. Maybe you are making much less. These are good numbers to know. When you know exactly what others in your field are making, then you can see if it is worth asking for a raise.

Ask Your Boss:
The first thing you will want to do is to ask. It may seem like a hard thing to do, but asking won’t hurt. In fact, if you have been in the same job for some time and are doing a good job, any reasonable boss will want to hear your feedback. You may be surprised at the response you get. One word of advice: before you ask for a raise, you might want to consider updating your portfolio. Outline your achievements in your job and show your boss what a great worker you are. If he or she sees your accomplishments, then you are in a better position to bargain for a raise.

Get More Training:
Another thing you can do is to get more training or education for your position. This will make you more desirable to your company. Hone up on your computer skills or your customer relation skills. Anything you can do to make yourself more “hire-able” the better off you will be in the future. Your boss will see this as eagerness to learn and you never know what will happen when promotion time comes around.

Play Nice with Others:
When you want to make more money, then you need to get along with your co-workers and stay friendly and nice to others. Don’t be the office nag or the tattle-tale. Word gets around and this will certainly not help you when you want to make more money at your job.


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