Saturday, November 22, 2008

World recession issue: It’s a good time to start Home Based Business.

If you look at world economy right know, everything is slow down. Starts from financial sector until manufacturing sector shows same trend everywhere in the world. It’s already erupted from US to Europe and right now spread to Asia.
Almost every biggest player in world financial sector plan to cut down jobs in their branch around the world. In U.S. alone the jobless rate is zoomed 6.5 percent in October from 6.1 percent in September. Base on the report employers cut 284,000 jobs in September 2008.

Manufacturing cut 90,000 jobs, Construction companies cut off 49,000 jobs with heavy losses in home building caused by financial sector crisis. Retailers cut payrolls by 38,000. Professional and business services reduced employment by 45,000. Leisure and hospitality axed 16,000 positions. This report shows that it’s not focusing on financial sector only, it look like chain reaction effect to other sector too.

Actually it is not only jobless issue, it is also involve in consumer product. Even the oil price is decreasing day by day, consumer product shows no sign to decrease. During this article is written, the oil price is $51.45 a barrel. If we are thinking in straight way, Consumer product should be reducing too. During oil price is around USD140~160 a barrel, manufacturing for consumer product said “We don't have any choice, oil price is increase and we need to cover the transportation cost”. But now what reason they gave? “Our product not use any petrol oil during manufactured the product. No such way we can cut off the price. All direct and indirect cost is increase..bla..bla..” It seems that we don’t have any choices and must face the reality of the world now days.

Do you prepare yourself to face the obstacle happen in the future with recession issue, consumer product price rises and other issue related with finances?
Many people thinking right know to start part time job after finish their day job. But some times this is not a best solution. After tired working 9 to 5, they need to start there part time job in another place.

What is the best solution? Some expert said "A HOME BASE BUSINESS". With internet technology growing rapidly and around 1.4 billons internet user in the world, some says this is the best solution for part time job. North America and Europe become a major contribution in internet user compare with their population.

Estimate that in 2007, internet users spending USD60 billions on online shopping. Base on expert study this will raise to USD 270 billion in 12 years time. For sure this business will grow larger every year.

That’s why many people think this is the best time to take this opportunity to start a home based business. Actually in internet business world, not only involve selling actual product, it is also involve virtual product such as e-book, software,etc. A lot of opportunity we can discover in online business. What we need to do is time to do research what is the suitable business to start.

There are many business areas you can explore such as:

1. Affiliate Marketing
Promote other people product to get commission. You just need to drive traffic to merchant side, and every sale made you get a commission. The best is all shipment is arranged by merchant.

2. Auction Business
People come to e-bay not only do a shopping, they also make money from auction site such as e-bay by selling product there.

3. Privet Label and resale right
Some people don't have any product to sale. By buying from merchant as your product and you can label it with you own brand. The different is between Affiliate marketing is you need to deliver to customer.

4. Selling knowledge from Paid E-seminar
Some people share their knowledge by creating e-seminar online. By offering seat to people would like to get knowledge from them trough live seminar in the internet.

5. Selling your knowledge into Video Tutorial
Some people also like to share their knowledge trough Video Tutorial. They get profit from each Video Tutorial that they can sell.

6. Freelancing money
Some people have skill to create a website, writing, editing or Graphic design. They turn their knowledge to turn profit from it.

7. Blogging for profit
If you love to write, blogging also can turn profit to you. By offering advertisement from other merchant at you blog it can turn profit to you.

8. Paid Survey profit
Imaging you opinion can converted to money. Every survey you take turn to income for you. Even read e-mail also can turn profit for you.

It is up to you to decide which area you want to start. The most important thing is to do some research which area is suitable for you. Also remember plan your budget wisely. Don’t gamble everything you have.


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